Move the mouse around to control your character's position. Use the left mouse button to drop a mask.

Development log


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I'm getting the same call stack size error. Looks like it happens right when the first guy gets all the way cured. The moment he turns all the way white - call stack error.

I wish there was something on the background as a reference to motion, I can't really tell if I'm moving and in what direction sometimes.

Thank you, UnitVector, and Ryuzaki for pointing out the error. There was an infinite loop hidden in my code that I didn't catch before! I've fixed it and will be uploading a new version without the error soon. I'm also adding a very basic grid to help with motion reference.

Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for playing!

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I think there is some issue with this game. I am getting this error once I hit other characters.

Also, can you add some more details to help players understand what they are supposed to do.


Thanks for playing and thank you very much for pointing out the error! There was an infinite loop in my code that I hadn't found before. 

I'll add a before tutorial based on your suggestions. I plan to have it finished within the next week or so.