A small game where you must spend time with ten new acquaintances and try to make them your friends.

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AuthorDavid Hunter
Made withUnity


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Why is it doesnt_mind? Why "_"?

LOL! Because I was too lazy to write a script that would detect the second capital letter, and insert a space. The categories are just enumerations, and you can't have enumerations with spaces in them, so I wrote it with an underscore. Now that you mention it, I might go back and make it look a bit nicer.

I see that it's fixed. But the game doesn't have much in terms of audiovisual stimulus. There's no sound or images to keep the player interested. Or even if they've done something at all.

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You might want to put a limit on how many times a person can select an option for each person. Good way to cheez your game otherwise. EDIT: Also, I noticed that when you make a lot of choices, the window blocks the name of the person and they can't be selected. Is that deliberate?

Hi there again, I think I got what you're saying. 1) I've adjusted the choices so that the benefit or damage to the friendship is gradually reduced each time you choose it. 2) By window, I think you mean the tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse over the character, right? I've adjusted the position and changed some of the display values so that it should not block the character any more. I've also started looking at adding some simple public domain graphics and sound effects, but it might be a day or two before those are working. 

Cheers! And thanks for all the feedback!

I got an error where I try to discuss with Miguel. I clicked on an option but nothing happened and I can't get out of the options menu.

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Thanks! Let me take a look and see if I can reproduce it. Could you remember what option you picked? The friend names don't really matter: their names and preferences are random. But there might be some missing data from one of the topics.

Hi there! Thanks again for pointing that out. It turns that one of my functions was using Destroy(transform) instead of Destroy(transform.gameObject), which was causing that locked out bug. I hope you can enjoy the game now.

I also found that if you choice any activity with any of the characters, if you try to do anything else, the game freezes and you can't do anything. Thanks for replying.

Hmmm...I haven't been able to reproduce that error after posting the update last evening. I'll give it some more research and see if I can track it down.